Garage Floor Coatings



We service all of New Hampshire (NH) and Massachusetts (MA) with Garage Flooring Services. We have a large selection of Colors, Patterns, and Textures. We have been servicing the New England area with Garage Flooring service for over thirty years. We provide Free Estimates! Give Us a call for your next concrete project!



We have the best garage floor coatings available on the market that may transform your garage floor into a Beautiful space you will want to hangout in for long periods of time.

Epoxy resurfacing of concrete flooring is used to update or improve concrete flooring surfaces in commercial and residential applications.

Garage floor coatings and coverings should not be considered as a way of Placing destroyed slabs within an “outside of sight, out of thoughts” affliction.

Although the others may well appear good on the area, fragile filler elements compacted together inside of vinyl flooring essentially decrease product or service longevity.

Completely transform your unfinished, dusty garage floor, right into a clear and durable floor.



We are the professionals in garage flooring, our team has transformed garages into wonderful, effective spaces using premium quality industrial quality garage products.

The significant range of solids inside our epoxy, in contrast to large areas of surface grinding present in other alternatives, causes it to be adhere better to concrete and stops from peeling. This produces a seamless appearance and you won’t have to touch for years to come.



It’s obvious why you should use garage floor coatings. Its a simple concept – make it slippery enough to slip on the floor and make it slippery enough to grip the floor. But why would you even consider installing this?

These products are used because of a very soft surface. They are used for working on vehicles and other heavy equipment. They are used for wheelchairs, power tools, golf carts, and more. They are used in anything that you can imagine, and as long as it requires a solid surface, it can be used with these coatings.

If you are a business person, this is where you will use these floor coatings. Its hard to work when you are on a hard surface. I use an angle grinder in my garage because it is a good surface to work on. I can make products or work on my equipment that otherwise would be impossible to do on a hard surface.

So, if you are a business person who needs to work in your garage, you will definitely need to install these floor coatings. This will protect you from injury and keep you safe while using your equipment. It is a necessary protection, and it’s one that you should consider.

You might be asking what types of garage floor coatings are out there? There are three main types. The first is called safety grade.

Safety grade is vinyl floor coatings that are meant to provide protection. It’s similar to epoxy garage floor coatings, but much less expensive. This makes it great for businesses that want to save money on floor coatings.

The second type of floor coatings is called a primer coating. These are much like safety-grade coatings. They provide some protection for your floors.

The third type of floor coatings is called a sealant. These are vinyl floor coatings that offer both a primer coating and a sealant covering. The only problem with this type of coatings is that they are quite expensive, but also you can customize them to look exactly how you want them to look.

So which garage floor coatings are best for you? Safety grade coatings are by far the best. These are the least expensive and offer good protection for your floors.

In my opinion, these are the best floor coatings you can purchase. You can go with either of the two types of garage floor coatings. You can just custom create the proper type of garage floor coatings to be exactly what you need.

When you shop online, you will find that there are many different manufacturers, as well as lots of colors and styles. As long as you follow the basic guidelines, it’s not hard to be able to create a floor coating that will give you the protection you need.

So get your garage coatings ready, your tools out, and get your garage up to par. Your floor is what you need to protect from injury or damage, so protect it with the right products. If you do not protect it, someone else will.