How Much Is Stamped Concrete In Massachusetts?

How Much Is Stamped Concrete In Massachusetts?




How Much Is Stamped Concrete In Massachusetts?


Are you considering installing some fancy-stamped concrete in Massachusetts? Great idea! Stamped concrete can transform dull outdoor spaces into works of art.

I feel you. As a concrete guy with over 40 years under my belt, 20 per square foot concrete sticker shock is real. But stamped concrete doesn’t have to demolish your bank account. Here’s what you need to know about stamped concrete costs in Massachusetts. This way, you can get that sweet stamped concrete makeover you’ve dreamed about.


Expect to pay between $16 – $20 Per Sq—ft for bare-stamped concrete in Massachusetts. The price can go up to $25+ Square—feet with added borders, steel rebar, and many upgrade options. But, the average cost is around $18 per sq. ft. installed for basic stamping. New England has the highest per square foot for stamped reinforced concrete in the country!


Stamped Concrete Contractor Cost Per Sq. Ft. In Massachusetts

Here is a table breaking down the costs:

Item Cost
Basic Stamped Concrete (per square foot) $16-$20
Borders (per linear foot) $3-$5
Saw Cuts for Tile Look (per linear foot) $2-$4
Stamped Concrete with Wire Mesh Reinforcement (per square foot) $0.75 – $1.25
Stamped Concrete with Rebar Reinforcement (per square foot) $1.50 – $2
Stamped Concrete with Fiber Reinforcement (per square foot) $0.15 – $0.30
Stamped Concrete with Integral Color (per square foot) $18-$20
Stamped Concrete with Color Hardener (per square foot) $16-$18
Stamped Concrete Sealer (per square foot per coat) $1-$2


The table shows the prices per square foot for regular stamped concrete. The prices range from $16 to $20 per square foot. It also includes the extra costs for standard upgrades. These include borders and tile-look saw cuts. Some options for reinforcement are wire mesh, rebar, or fibers. You can also choose from integral color or color hardeners for color options. You can then use concrete sealers. We show the costs for each upgrade per relevant unit, whether linear foot or square foot.



What Impacts Stamped Concrete Patio Cost in Massachusetts?

Like most construction materials, stamped concrete fees are a pretty penny. Prices can vary dramatically based on a bunch of factors, including:


Like real estate, stamped concrete pricing is all about location, location, location. Rural areas are almost always cheaper than big cities.

Concrete Contractor

Established stamped concrete companies in Massachusetts, like yours truly, often charge more than plain concrete new contractors near you. They have lots of experience. New contractors are trying to build a client base. But you get what you pay for.

Pattern and color choices

Fancier and more complex patterns and colors cost more. They take more time, skill, and materials to create.

Site conditions

Things like a steep slope or removing a ton of old existing concrete can increase the price since they make the job more challenging.

Concrete mix used

Unique concrete mixes with fibers or polymers cost more but make better-stamped concrete.

Amount of concrete

The more square footage you need, the more you’ll pay.

Additional features

You can also customize stamped concrete with borders. It can also have saw cuts for a tile look and embedded lighting. These options cost extra.

Installing stamped concrete can range from $16 to $20 per square foot. This happens because there are so many variables. But you’re looking at $18 per square foot for a typical project. Let’s break it down a bit more.

Average Stamped Concrete Cost Per Square Foot in Massachusetts

Here’s an overview of stamped concrete fees per square foot in Massachusetts. The costs are based on different project sizes. It will give you a better idea of realistic pricing.

Small Project (0 – 500 square feet)

  • Average Price Per Sq. Ft. – $16-20
  • Great for a small patio, walkway, or entryway.
  • Stamping small areas takes more precision work, so prices tend to be higher.

Medium Project (500 – 1,500 square feet)

  • Average Price Per Sq. Ft. – $16-18
  • It is ideal for an enormous patio, courtyard, or driveway.
  • More significant projects mean contractors can spread out costs over more square footage.

Large Project (over 1,500 square feet)

  • Average Price Per Sq. Ft. – $16
  • Think pool decks, restaurant outdoor seating, etc.
  • Prices drop thanks to greater efficiency in stamping large areas continuously.
  • But extra labor and equipment costs counterbalance savings, limiting price drops.

Stamped concrete pricing fluctuates based on your unique project parameters. As you can see, these ballpark figures apply to most standard Massachusetts jobs.

Now let’s look at what’s included in those square foot prices so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

What’s Included in Stamped Concrete Paving Materials Prices

The price tag includes all the materials, equipment, and labor needed. It will give you a top-notch professionally installed stamped patio in Massachusetts. It also covers a concrete driveway and walkway from start to finish. The cost includes significant tasks that your concrete contractor will complete.

Site Evaluation

Your contractor will assess current conditions and requirements to develop a custom plan.

Surface Prep

This includes clearing vegetation and debris, grading, and excavating. We add fill material. To ensure proper drainage and prevent cracking, we install base materials.


We install temporary forms to hold the concrete until it cures.


Rebar or wire mesh is often added for increased strength and crack resistance.

Concrete Installation

Your contractor’s crew mixes the concrete on site and pours it into the forms.


Special mats imprint patterns and textures as the concrete begins to set. Workers may stamp by hand for detailed areas.

Color Hardeners

We work pigmented powders into the concrete surface. For enhanced color that won’t fade or peel, they absorb.

Release Agent

This special powder allows the stamps to separate cleanly from the concrete.


Many layers of high-quality sealers protect the surface from moisture damage, stains, deicing salts, and UV rays. The sealers also enhance the color.


Your contractor removes the forms and cleans the site when finished.

Optional Extras

You may add borders, decorative saw cuts, lighting, radon mitigation, insulation, etc. Just know that each upgrade adds cost.

As you can see, many steps, special tools, and materials go into stamped concrete. Skilled contractors invest tons of time and energy practicing their craft. Stamped concrete costs more than bare regular concrete. But you’re paying for a custom, durable, low-maintenance outdoor living surface. You’re not just buying bags of concrete mix.

Saving On Cost Of Stamped Concrete Installation

If you’re still shocked by the cost of stamped concrete, don’t worry. Here are innovative ways to get discounts and cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Adjust your layout

Simple shapes like squares or rectangles require less customization. They also use materials more efficiently. Laying concrete in large continuous sections can make a surprisingly big difference. It’s better than a bunch of fragmented slab spaces.

DIY demolition and prep

Knocking out old concrete, doing your grading, and excavating means paying for less labor. Coordinate closely with your pro contractor so your work aligns with the overall plan.

Go with basic choices

Opt for budget-friendly natural stone patterns and color combos. Choose a single gray slate look instead of multiple colors or multi-textured designs. Skip fancy upgrades like lighting and radon mitigation to keep costs reasonable. You can always add features later.

Hire new contractors

Be willing to take a chance on new or smaller companies. They are itching to build their portfolio and establish themselves in the market. Just vet them thoroughly and check references to ensure you won’t be a guinea pig for shoddy work.

Schedule off-season

Book projects for winter or early spring. Book them before the construction season kicks into high gear. You’ll likely get quicker service. You’ll also get better attention to detail. And you’ll find more willingness to offer discounts.

Request quotes from multiple companies

They have no choice but to be as competitive as possible. They do this by comparing rates from several top-rated contractors. This is to earn your business. Just provide each company with the same job parameters. This will ensure the most accurate cost comparisons.



Average Stamped Concrete Fees for Popular Massachusetts Projects

Here are some ballpark figures for typical stamped concrete jobs in Massachusetts. They will give you a better feel for the accurate material and labor project costs.


  • Small (12 ft x 50 ft) – $9,600-$12,000
  • Medium (16 ft x 50 ft) – $12,800-$14,400
  • Large (20 ft x 50 ft) – $16,000


  • Small (200 sq ft) – $3,200-$4,000
  • Medium (400 sq ft) – $6,400-$7,200
  • Large (800 sq ft) – $12,800

Pool Decks

  • Small (500 sq ft) – $8,000-$10,000
  • Medium (850 sq ft) – $13,600-$15,350
  • Large (1,500 sq ft) – $24,000

Remember that unique site factors and custom-reinforced concrete finishes could push your project above or below these averages. But they’ll get you in the neighborhood so you can budget accordingly.

When to Invest in Stamped Concrete

How much is stamped concrete?” is an important question. But an equally helpful question is, “Is stamped concrete worth it for my project?”

The answer boils down to your budget, goals, and time horizon.

Stamped concrete is significantly more expensive than basic concrete. Therefore, it makes the most sense for:

Long-term homeowners

Amortize higher costs over many years of enjoyment and virtually zero maintenance.

Adding value

Stylish stamped concrete could boost your home’s sale price by 5x your investment.

Problem solvers

Cover ugly cracked concrete or solve drainage issues in one shot.

Entertaining spaces

Create an eye-catching, elegant gathering area to enjoy for decades.

But if money is tight or you’re using the space short-term, lower-cost pavement may suit your practical needs just fine.

Knowing the cost of a stamped concrete driveway in your area removes some mystery. No matter what you decide. It helps you make the best choice for your property.

The Takeaway on Stamped Concrete Patio Costs in Massachusetts

There’s no universal “right price” for installing decorative concrete fees.” A $15,000 pool deck might be a splurge for some folks and a steal for others. You have to weigh the benefits vs the outlay for you. This will tell you if stamped concrete is a wise investment or not.

Average costs to stamp are $16-20 per square foot for typical Massachusetts projects. You can estimate your budget. Base it on the square footage of poured concrete for your specific curb appeal. Just remember to factor in layout, prep work, and any upgrades.

To get quotes from reputable local stamped concrete slab contractors in Massachusetts who are members of the state industry association, check out the MaCaPa member directory here.

Talk to your contractor if you’re still stressing over the price tag. Ask about potential discounts or ways to scale back. You can add features later. This lets you ease into the stamped concrete masterpiece on your timeline and budget.

You CAN have showstopping stamped concrete without blowing your budget. Find the right contractor, be creative, and have realistic expectations. So do your homework. Ask lots of questions. And don’t settle for anything less than the concrete stamping of your dreams!


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